Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Asian Sensation!!!

When I was Living in the Bay area I had a lot of trouble drawing Asian people. I got a few photo books of Asians in crazy outfits and practiced over and over again. These are some of my favorites......

Yay new animal drawings

SO, I love watching Animal Planet. I always have a little sketch book on my side table a do little sketches while watch. Afterwords, I draw a variety of options and i build on the one or few that I like.

Thats a lot of horn. I have really been trying to use line to texturize and build form on my sketches. i do really like the gestural qualities of the value and texture.

Just monkeying around!!!

Oooooh, Vultures!

OK, so here are some animals that I've sketched out, I think Hippos, Elephants and rhinos are very cool. I start all my sketches with basic shapes as the base. and build around them. i let the loose gestural lines create the feeling and character of the animal.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh my Gosh... i totally forgot!

There's Something in the WATER!!!!!
This shark is one of my most dramatic poses for my sharks, When i got to this point i was trying to see how many times i could bend him. Looking at it now, i am thinking of even more shapes to bend him in. Even his appendages... im gunna start trying to bend their fins now i think.

To the right, these are some of the Sharks that I started with. I was doodling and they just kinda developed. I am trying to give them a different looks with personality..... i think the difference between these and the one above is very different when it comes to the silhouette.

When i was working at the theme parks and a kid wanted to be riding a shark i kinda just would do a simple shark, i had never really looked at them before. then i took a look, by accident, at some sketches some of my co-workers from a "sea world" type park were drawing and saw all the different kinds of sharks they would draw. It came to me randomly recently. I just started drawing the same normal shark, not these....

I have kinda been playing with creating different textures just with a lead pencil, it seems to be working, i forgot how great value works!

I started googling pics of sharks and little by little the sharks started to take on a different kind of look. looking at the different species and even mixing and matching different parts led me down an even different road.

This sharks below, I drew when I first started to play with different shapes for the different different parts of the shark.

And just when I thought that I'de like to push it even more, i remembered, one of my friends is always trying to make me simplify my sketches so I thought I would try. the pics that foloow are those.

So between all these new developments, I'm debating on which route to take. They are all interesting and many paths to go down. Im just gunna draw and see what happens, Any thoughts?

Birds Birds

is it weird that i like the crazy lookin' birds?

ok, so hear are some birds.... birds... birds...
I want to do more so please stand by for updates...

OK im doing this....

Ok so iv haven't used this in forever, but after friends have been bugging me to see some of my work, Im going to do it. I also promised myself i was going to Draw more so i am poasting the drawings i did this week and will hopefully continue doing so.

I love to draw animals, especially birds and fish so i did these..... I love owls, I think they are so Interesting. I think you can do so much with them. So I'm giving myself this assignment:

I'm gunna try to concentrate on Birds and Fish this month lets see if I can do it. So here goes....

Monday, October 6, 2008

oohhhh... Delicious!

Introducing, the world renowned Jamie Edwards, AKA Jamie Deadly.
I first met Jamie in a Cabaret Show in San Antonio Texas. She is a phenomenal Marilyn Monroe impersonator. She is also an amazing person; I was lucky enough to be able to photograph her on one of her trips to Las Angeles. She is Devine! I Love these pictures. The fallowing photographs were taken in January of 2007 In Las Angeles California.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Old West

One of my favorite Photo Assinments was photographing cowboys at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. The Character in these peoples faces blew me away. They looked weathered and aged by there work. These people are imersed in a culture that i knew nothing about, apart from what i had seen in movies. And as we all know, things are not always as they seem. These people put there lives into their work and you can see it in their faces.